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Spin Off tonight: friendship

Spin Off tonight: friendship

FriendshipLast week on the show, I said that this week we would start looking at breakups, but I changed my mind. We’re still in Libra, so we’ll stick with the positive for a little longer. But after this week, we’ll start to explore the dark side of love, relationship and sex! Fun!

Friendship is an incredibly rich theme in music, I collected WAY more music (about six hours worth) than I can possibly play in one show. So I’ll have to pick and choose carefully! I’ll have some thoughts to share with you about friends and friendship as well.

There are so many great songs about friends and friendship; if you have a favourite that you really want to hear, call the studio at 0902 and I’ll probably have it! (Except for the theme from ‘Cheers’, I didn’t get that one!)


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