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Spin Off theme – falling in love

Spin Off theme – falling in love

Falling-in-loveFalling in Love!

This week on Spin Off Saturday Night, I’ll continue on with the theme of Love, focusing on the falling stage; young love, new love, addicted to love, can’t sleep cuz I’m in love, the shock and awe of love, don’t want to be in love but yikes, that sort of thing. There are so many love songs, more than any other subject out there, that I could do a half dozen shows on the different aspects of love and not run out. While the Sun is moving through the love sign Libra, I’ll do at least a couple more on this theme.

The show starts at 9pm and goes through 1am, celebrating Saturday night. So much music to play, and so much to say about it! Hope you all are enjoying the show.

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