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Tempest Special podcast

Tempest Special podcast

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Here is the show from Sunday, Nov 19 that I did with Hollie McGowan. I apologize to Rita Chiarelli and Suzi Vinnick for getting them mixed up; it’s not the first time, but I think I have them straight now! And thank you to Hollie and Eric for coming to the studio and spending the time with me. I threw up a lot of random photos to make the video more interesting, downloaded from every source I could find.

Thank you also to the musicians who have written and recorded such beautiful tributes to our Tempest: included here are songs by Craig Werth, Big Dave McLean, Keith Bennett, Jeff Andrew, and Melisa Devost. There were a couple I didn’t have time to play, unfortunately; she inspired a lot of wonderful music. Enjoy this retrospective of the many faces and sides of Tempest Grace Gale.

Note: the fullscreen button isn’t showing up, double-click on the video to view it fullscreen.

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