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Mr. Dressup’s Hornby Island Connection

Mr. Dressup’s Hornby Island Connection

Jenny Brown interviews Hornby’s very own Judith Lawrence, who played Casey and Finnegan on the popular kids TV show Mr. Dressup.

Part 1

Part 2

  1. jan steenjan steen11-19-2013

    Hello Casey; Hello Finnegan… Good to see you alive and well…
    You’re taking me back to 1962…. can you think back that far??
    I hardly can, but when I do, I fondly remember the days as a stage hand in good ol TO, helping to set up, or ‘strike’ the studios with the various sets, including yours.

    Thought I would graduate to become a floor-director; Boy was I wrong! Never quite understood the politics… oh, well, I survived…

  2. Donald ElderDonald Elder07-28-2015

    a Message for Judith Lawrence from a former director, producer of Mr. Dressup. Please send a message, I am now on Salt Spring Island – not so far away.
    Don Elder

  3. Gwynne HuntGwynne Hunt08-11-2015

    We are organizing a Solstice Arts festival in Port Alberni June 18,19,10 2016. I am Artistic Director of Art Matter’s Society and I am arranging events under that non-profit umbrella. We have just make a number of puppets for my event this weekend Psychedelic Shakespeare and when I found out Judith and Mr Dress Up Puppets were on Horny Island had to reach out. Would she be interested in being part of a puppet art’s show-just a display of puppets-honorariums are able to be paid. As we are now looking for funding, time is of the essense. Thanks.We envision a gallery showing of puppets we have made along with Mr Dress Up puppets and the guest speaker being Judith. Is that possible?

    • Bee Wolf RayBee Wolf Ray08-11-2015

      Hello, I tried to contact you at the email you provided, but it bounced.

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