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CHFR is heard at 96.5 on the FM dial, on Hornby Island.  We broadcast from the Bob Kungl Studio at Joe King Ballpark on , No, we do not stream on the web, so if you don’t live on or near Hornby, you will not be able to hear our station. We haven’t ruled out streaming in the future, but for now we are focused on upgrading our FM license and maximizing the strength of our existing FM signal. We do intend to post podcasts of special shows, such as interviews, in the near future, but for now, this site is intended for communicating what’s going on with our local radio to Hornby Islanders and others in the vicinity who receive our signal.

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For islanders who wish to support our efforts in bringing them the best radio signal possible, please see our current fundraising project. We are trying to raise money to purchase an FM processor, which will make a huge difference to the quality and strength of our broadcast. . Your support is most appreciated!

To donate or purchase a yearly membership (only $15), click the button below:

Note: You can donate via PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account, using your Visa or Mastercard. 



Jazz Gems (Alphabet Jazz – Part 3)

Sunday, January 4th/2014 Jazz Gems (Alphabet Jazz – Part 3) with Host Bill Smith 4:00 until 6:00 on CHFR-FM –

Thursday Dec 18th from 3 to 5 pm

Music From The Deep Dark Woods presents Gypsy Flamenco and Spanish classical guitar music plus Jack Kerouac’s History of Bop

Soapbox Radio

The Singularity is Near. You’ve heard of the Communist Manifesto, what of the Cosmist Manifesto? Listen in with Scott Sweeney

New Story Begins Tonight!

The “Thursday Evening Story Hour” Thursdays 7-8pm on CHFR-FM 96.5 begins a new fantasy adventure tonight now that the HarryPotter and

A Child’s Christmas In Wales

A Child’s Christmas In Wales Over the years I have been asked to perform the Dylan Thomas masterpiece “A Child’s

Crooked Brothers live on Songwriter Circle tomorrow

Tune in to the Songwriter Circle tomorrow midway through the show at 1pm for a preview of The Crooked Brothers concert tomorrow

Spin-Off Saturday, drinking songs!

This Saturday, drinking is the theme! Songs about alcoholic beverages, and their consumption and its consequences, are many. Some are

No Spin Off this week

Spin Off will be back next week, with a fun theme – drinking songs. In the meantime, Albini LaPierre will

Songwriter Circle this week: John McLachlan live

I have the privilege this Wednesday of interviewing John McLachlan, who will be playing music and talking to me in

New Story, “Fishin’ With Grandma Matchie” Begins Thursday Evening 7pm!

The Thursday evening 7-8pm slot has been re-christened the Thursday Evening Story Hour, now that the Harry Potter series is

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