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CHFR is heard at 96.5 on the FM dial, on Hornby Island.  We broadcast from the Bob Kungl Studio at Joe King Ballpark on , No, we do not stream on the web, so if you don’t live on or near Hornby, you will not be able to hear our station. We haven’t ruled out streaming in the future, but for now we are focused on upgrading our FM license and maximizing the strength of our existing FM signal. We do intend to post podcasts of special shows, such as interviews, in the near future, but for now, this site is intended for communicating what’s going on with our local radio to Hornby Islanders and others in the vicinity who receive our signal.

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For islanders who wish to support our efforts in bringing them the best radio signal possible, please see our current fundraising project. We are trying to raise money to purchase an FM processor, which will make a huge difference to the quality and strength of our broadcast. . Your support is most appreciated!

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The last Songwriter Circle–with Joanna Finch and Danny Zanbilowicz

This week, after four plus years, I will be ending the Songwriter Circle. For personal reasons, I need to clear

Brodie Dawson on the Songwriter Circle

I had planned a Skype interview with Brodie Dawson but we weren’t able to get it together in time. Instead,

Just Like A Woman

Just Like A Woman A Celebration of Women on International Women’s Day Some Other Stuff • Music From The Other Side

Testify at the Church of Bass on “That 80s Show”…

…with your dancing feet, right in the comfort of your own living room with your radio nearby from 8-9pm this Saturday

Jazz Gems • Alphabet Jazz (Part 4)

Sunday, April 19th Jazz Gems • Alphabet Jazz (Part 4) with Host Bill Smith 4:00 until 6:00 on CHFR-FM –

Songwriter Circle is moving to Tuesdays

For the past couple of years, the Songwriter Circle has been on Wednesday afternoons from noon til two in the winter

International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 8th/2015 Just Like A Woman A Celebration of Women on International Women’s Day with Host Bill Smith 6:00 until

New Patch Bay on It’s Way

It seems like the cables and ends for our 3.5mm (laptop) connections are constantly giving us problems. It’s a pretty

Liberal candidate interview on CHFR Morning Train

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 11am, Dale DeVost will be interviewing Carrie Powell-Davidson, the Liberal candidate for our area in the upcoming

CHFR: four years on the air! Happy 2015

This past December 6, CHFR celebrated four years on the Hornby Island airwaves! Next December will be five years. You

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