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Fundraiser, please help!

Fundraiser, please help!

In our quest to produce a clear and strong FM radio signal that will reach all the households on Hornby Island, CHFR is looking to purchase an on air FM processor. We are currently broadcasting using a live music compressor which is not right for the task; as result, our signal is not what it should be. An FM HD Audio Processor will allow us to improve the quality and strength of our signal. 

We have exhausted our budget for equipment on the new transmitter, antenna and cables over the past few weeks; we have located a suitable processor at a cost of $2500 which represents a significant savings of one third off the value of this piece of equipment. This is a great deal and we need to act! There are only two of these processors in stock and time is of the essence.

Please help! You can purchase a membership (still only $15) or donate any amount to help us make this purchase. All donations are logged and donors will be thanked on air. If you want to help, but do not require or wish an on-air appreciation, please indicate that with your donation, which you can make by clicking the big PayPal button below.

Thanks so much for your support! We could not do it without you guys. Please share this post with all of your Hornby-loving friends.

Note: You can donate via PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account, using your Visa or Mastercard. 


  1. lynn nunleylynn nunley06-17-2014

    You could do what the 1st Ed did, when they needed the new printer. They needed about the same amount of money. Ask for Loans, and pay them back. The 1st Ed pays back at $75 per month. Ask Daniel Siegle, He organized it and did the paperwork. Lynn

    • Della McCrearyDella McCreary06-29-2014

      Great suggestion, Lynn — whatever it takes to improve CHFR’s signal as soon as possible!
      As a DJ it’s very demoralizing to have so many people telling me that they can’t get a clear signal… and most of the time end up switching to a different station because they can’t stand the static!

  2. Stani VeselinovicStani Veselinovic06-17-2014

    What Lynn says…………….!

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