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  • Tempest Special podcast

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    Here is the show from Sunday, Nov 19 that I did with Hollie McGowan. I apologize to Rita Chiarelli and Suzi Vinnick for getting them mixed up; it’s not the first time, but I think I have them straight now! And thank you to Hollie and Eric for coming to the studio and spending the time with me. I threw up a lot of random photos to make the video more interesting, downloaded from every source I could find.

    Thank you also to the musicians who have written and recorded such beautiful tributes to our Tempest: included here are songs by Craig Werth, Big Dave McLean, Keith Bennett, Jeff Andrew, and Melisa Devost. There were a couple I didn’t have time to play, unfortunately; she inspired a lot of wonderful music. Enjoy this retrospective of the many faces and sides of Tempest Grace Gale.

    Note: the fullscreen button isn’t showing up, double-click on the video to view it fullscreen.

  • Sara de Rose on the Songwriter Circle

    Sara de Rose will be my guest on the Songwriter Circle again this coming Sunday to follow up after her presentation at the Archeomusicological Conference in London. Show starts at noon, Sara starts at 1pm, do check in for some lovely live music (some recordings too) and a fascinating story.

  • Songwriter Circle Returns Sunday June 5

    kimjunejohnsonAnnouncing the return of the Songwriter Circle (featuring all local original material), starting Sunday June 5th at noon.

    For the debut episode, host Bee Wolf-Ray will speak to special guest Kim June Johnson, discussing her new project with PK Tessman, “Little Bridges.” You will hear live recordings of “Little Bridges” performances and Kim will play some solo material live in the studio.

    The new time for the Songwriter Circle is Sundays from noon until 2pm.

  • The last Songwriter Circle–with Joanna Finch and Danny Zanbilowicz

    GoodbyeThis week, after four plus years, I will be ending the Songwriter Circle. For personal reasons, I need to clear space in my life. I have loved doing this! I want to thank the amazing talent in this area for sharing their muse and music so generously.

    Joanna Finch and Danny Zanbilowicz will join me in the studio for my final show, Tuesday at 4pm, and don’t miss their show at the Cardboard House Bakery on Wednesday. This will be a preview.

    Farewell for now. If nobody else picks up the baton and chooses to feature local original music, I’ll probably be back at some point. Because local music matters.

  • Brodie Dawson on the Songwriter Circle

    Brodie Dawson, Christy Vanden & Tracy Riley on tour together. Tracy can't make it to Hornby, so Montreal artist Biz Oliver will be subbing in.

    Brodie Dawson, Christy Vanden & Tracy Riley on tour together. Tracy can’t make it to Hornby, so Montreal artist Biz Oliver will be subbing in.

    I had planned a Skype interview with Brodie Dawson but we weren’t able to get it together in time. Instead, I will be featuring her music, and the music of her tour mates Christy Vanden and Biz Oliver, on the Songwriter Circle Tuesday at 4pm.

    This is a great opportunity to preview their Spring Tour show coming up at Joe King Saturday May 23rd. Don’t miss it!

  • Testify at the Church of Bass on “That 80s Show”…

    …with your dancing feet, right in the comfort of your own living room with your radio nearby from 8-9pm this Saturday night the 18th, during our second hour (and perhaps our first as well!) comprising the weekly 80s Special Feature of the Week, often featuring a particular 80s artist, a classic 80s album or a theme.

    The latter is on for this week, and we’re devoting our second hour to awesome bass riffing within some well known and some little known 80s tunes, covering the whole gamut from silky subterranean runs to rumbling funky slap action. I doubt it’ll be our last foray into bassline bliss, there are so many great bass tracks from that decade (and every other one too).

    Tune in, 7-9pm, this Saturday night, only on CHFR-FM 96.5.

  • Songwriter Circle is moving to Tuesdays

    For the past couple of years, the Songwriter Circle has been on Wednesday afternoons from noon til two in the winter and shoulder seasons, and on Saturdays from four til six in July and August. I’ve been looking for a more stable home for the show, that does not conflict with the Wednesday markets in the summertime.

    The Songwriter Circle will now be heard on Tuesdays from four to six. I look forward to a long stretch of stability!

  • Liberal candidate interview on CHFR Morning Train

    Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 11am, Dale DeVost will be interviewing Carrie Powell-Davidson, the Liberal candidate for our area in the upcoming Federal election. Tune in and be informed!

  • CHFR: four years on the air! Happy 2015

    This past December 6, CHFR celebrated four years on the Hornby Island airwaves! Next December will be five years. You can look forward to lots more amazing talk, music, comedy and eclectic shows of all sorts. We are grateful to every one of our listeners and supporters! CHFR can be heard on Hornby Island and environs on 96.5 FM. We appreciate hearing from you!

    Email inquiries to or comment on this website.

    Happy New Year!

  • Crooked Brothers live on Songwriter Circle tomorrow

    crooked_brosTune in to the Songwriter Circle tomorrow midway through the show at 1pm for a preview of The Crooked Brothers concert tomorrow night. The band are playing a house concert tomorrow evening on Hornby Island, and will be appearing on the Songwriter Circle for a live interview and some tunes in the studio.

    Check out their website at

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