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Some of our DJs (in alphabetical order – check back often for more profiles!):

Name: Alex Allen
Show Name: On the Rocks: Talk/Music (I tape local short interviews or internet pieces with a theme and play music in between).
Musical influences: Everything but polka and heavy metal and no bagpipes.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: My family was part of the Heron Rocks (Doctor’s Corner) contingent back in the early 60s. Then, my parents gave up their share and bought a sailboat. Having sailed to almost all the Gulf Islands as a kid, I vowed that one day I would move to a gulf Island with a dog and a computer. The day came when after 20 years working in marketing and advertising, I had enough of living in cities and ran away (with yes, my dog and a computer) to Hornby Island. It’s been over 18 years and I have never regretted moving to this most amazing talented and way cool island. “Wild horses could not drag me away…”

Music From The Deep Dark Woods
Name: King Anderson
Show Name: Music from the Deep Dark Woods: The first hour is a mixed bag of eclectic selections with audio surprises. The second hour, I feature jazz, including classic, avant garde and contemporary.
Musical influences: Folk music, flamenco & Spanish classical, rock-a-billy, electric blues, pop music, acoustic guitar music, rock & roll, psychedelic, new wave, punk, grunge, electronica, ambient groove, classic jazz, poetry & jazz, avant-garde jazz, jazz fusion, and contemporary jazz.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Having lived on the west coast most of my life I’d heard of the legend of Hornby Island many times. We finally visited the island in the year 2000, fell in love with it and discovered many artists here who I had known in the past. We then found the perfect half acre and in 2008 built our house and happily moved on to the island full time.

Phil Bailey
Name: Phil Bailey
Show Name: Phlipside: The Best of Everything
Musical influences: Community radio.

Philpside Old Man Jameison_275
Name: Phil Bailey, Mike Lobban and Shawn Jamieson
Show Name: Sports Talk: Sports roundup chat. 

Janey Bennet
Name: Janey Bennet
Show Name: Classical Hornby (one of 3 or 4 hosts, rotating)
Musical influences: I am a devoted cellist, so that’s what is in my personal CD collection. I play lots of cello music on my shows.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I was brought here by Eve Siegel, Bob Phillips’ niece, in 1979. thought then I’d like to live here, but my kids said they were city kids and they wouldn’t move here, so I waited until everyone grew up, and then came, in 1993.

Name: Bobcat
Show Name: Blue Monday: Best of the Blues and other related artefacts
Musical influences: British invasion, Haight-Ashbury, Woodstock
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I had been hearing about Hornby for awhile, finally came to visit. After the second visit I knew this is where I belong (after 40 years on the road). I finally made the big move (from Saltspring) on New Year 2005 and now I don’t leave this rock except to go to the annual Cortes Music Festival. T.G.I.H.I. What a long strange trip it has been.

Doug Chinnery_275
Name: Doug Chinnery
Show Name: The New Stuff
Musical influences:  I’m Doug Chinnery.  You may have heard me on the radio on Saturday mornings from 10 till noon, as “Deputy Doug,” or just “The Deputy.” My show is “The New Stuff” and is all about music news, new releases, new finds, or things that are just new to me.  Occasionally, when I’ve procrastinated too long in putting together the show, I’ll call on a guest to hear what’s new in their music world.

I split the late Saturday morning timeslot with Grant Scott and while we TRY to alternate weeks, you can never really be sure which of us you’ll be hearing on any given Saturday morning.

I grew up in a suburban rec room in Saint John, NB and listened to prog rock almost exclusively. I branched out into metal in the eighties, hiphop in the 90’s, electronic in the 00′, and have recently taken a shining to shimmery pop.  You may hear any of those genres on the show.
How I ended up on Hornby Island:

Jala and Ken
Name: Ken Clark and Jala Klone-Clark
Show Name: Happy Hours (show theme: Happy Music)
Musical influences: Reggae, World, Rock, folk, alternative and any thing from planet earth…
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I, Jala, have been coming here since I was a child. Then in the late 90 I moved here. Met my husband. We have three children and live off the grid on a small farm. Both of us play instruments and love music. This is another way to share and be surrounded by music.

Dale Devost
Name: Dale Devost
Show Name: Morning Train (a song by John Prine). The program is primarily folk and roots music liberally sprinkled with gospel, blues country and rock. I have a special guest who comes in between 10 and 11. This segment is called “Bessie’s Bible” and it is chef Michael Selby telling stories about food and cooking inspired by his mother Bessie.
Musical influences: John Lee Hooker and all the early Blues guys; John Prine, Dob Dylan, Hoyt Axton  60’s and 70’s folk music; classic rock. Becoming a DJ on CHFR has rekindled my passion for music not just the “old stuff”,  I have discovered contemporary music especially in folk and alt country that is re setting my musical influences.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Along with Peggie and 2 year old Jesse I moved to Hornby in February 1976 I guess you could call us part of the back to the land generation, I traded a film camera for a sawmill. I believe that the building and operation of CHFR embodies the type of community spirit that brought us to Hornby Island in the first place and what keeps us here.

Name: Donna
Show Name: Déjà Vu: Whatever comes to mind.
Musical influences: Just about everything.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I came to live with my dear late partner.

Name: James Emerson
Show Name: The TarBender: Tunes from the tap.
Musical influences:  The Beatles, Sublime, Weezer, Jimi Hendrix, Headwater, Metric aka Everything
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I have been coming to Hornby since I was born to visit my Grandma and Uncle Vinnie!  I had to try living here and got hooked.  Whether basking on Big Trib, or dancing at the Ballpark, I have become addicted to Hornby Living.

Ron Emerson Vinnie's Groove
Name: Ron Emerson
Show Name: Vinnie’s Grooves: Musical variety; lots of Canadian artists.
Musical influences: CKUA radio in Alberta. CKUA is public supported radio, older than the CBC.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: My mother, Tina Walker, moved to Hornby in 1976. I bought property in 1985 and have lived here since 1987.

Elisa Fortune
Name: Elisa Fortune
Show Name: No Rhyme or Reason: A one hour mix depending on my Gemini character… and how I feel… could be melancholy or maybe hyperactive.  I often don’t know what I am going to play 30 seconds before airtime.  Then, the groove organically evolves.
Show Name: Chick Lix: It appears that much of my music collection is “Chick” music… hence the name.  This is one hour solely dedicated to female artists.
Musical influences: Stuff that touches the heart and really moves you.  I like most genres of music, except for new age jazz or punk.  I tend to gravitate to somewhere between folk and rock-a-billy.
How I ended up on Hornby Island:  Came to Hornby in ’92 while working on a fish boat out of Comox.  Looking for an ideal place to begin new life and plant some roots.

Gerald Hodge
Name: Gerald Hodge
Show Name: Jazz Gems
Musical influences: Hearing the swing bands of the ’30s and ’40s around the house in childhood led a path to jazz that I’ve followed for 70 years…all forms of jazz from the hottest to the coolest…and still collecting!
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I fell in love with a lady who loved jazz!

Albini Lapierre
Name: “Albino Crow” (Albini Lapierre)
Show Names: The Review: Weekly news and commentary; That 80’s Show (Co-host): 80’s music with weekly Artist/Group featured
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Resident on Hornby Island since 1995. Founding Member of Hornby Radio and President of HCRS for the first nine years.

Tony Law
Name: Tony Law
Show Name: The World Music Show: An eclectic collection from around the planet with a particular focus on music that merges traditional and contemporary influences and/or connects different cultures and styles.
Musical influences: Artists that have broken barriers between cultures or have kept ethnic music alive by making it accessible to modern ears, including:
Ravi Shankar, Incredible String Band, Alan Stivell, Pentangle, Alaap, Sheila Chandra, Andy Irvine, Baka Beyond, Deep Forest, V.M. Bhatt, Ry Cooder, Paul Simon, Youssou N’dor, Dead Can Dance, Marta Sebestyen, 3Mustaphas3, Peter Gabriel, Varttina, Delhi2Dublin.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Came to visit friends in the late eighties. Went back to Nova Scotia, quit my job, gave away everything that didn’t fit in my car, drove here and have hardly left the Island since.

Kent Lukinuk
Name: Kent Lukinuk aka Vintage Biker
Show Name: Vinyl Vibes: Vintage music from the 60’s and 70’s mostly, though I do stray.
Musical influences: When I found a local pop station on my crystal “rocket” radio, I was turned on to all the popular music in the mid 60’s. That led to discovering CKUA in Edmonton and the non-pop music genres played late on Friday and Saturday nights. Rock, folk, blues and R&B became my passion and started my addiction to buying vinyl…the same vinyl I play on CHFR.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: We started coming to Hornby for summer holidays in 1984, that led to buying a lot in 1990 and building our home in 2004.

Brett Martens
Name: Brett Martens
Show Name: Sunday Morning Reggae Show
Musical influences: Jamaica, Ska, Reggae, Dub, Rocksteady, Mento, Positive!
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I came to Hornby for a weekend in May 2004 and have been here since!

DJ Blades
Name: Della McCreary aka DJ Blades
Show Name: Rhythm Conspiracy:  Sometimes Jazz…
Musical influences: My mother, who never learned to read music – but played beautiful Improvised piano by ear, and I was exposed to lots of great music in Quebec in the 1970s, including many styles of jazz, French, and Quebec Folk music. It was a heady political time in Quebec when I was there and the music of the day reflected the creative exuberance of a people challenging the status quo.  Quebec society was redefining itself and improvising everything with new ideas – revolutionary music was in every cafe and gathering place… and it was enthralling.
How I ended up on Hornby Island:  In Vancouver in the ‘80s, I was working a job that didn’t afford much time for holidays. A holiday for me was going with friends to somewhere fairly nearby, like Saturna or Salt Spring Island for a couple of days.  Then one time, somewhat impulsively, I decided to take a few days and go somewhere ‘different’! I spread my map of BC out on the kitchen table, looked further north than usual, and picked Hornby Island – somewhere I’d never heard of and knew nothing about.  After that first visit, I never wanted to go anywhere else when I had time off.  Several times a year, in every season (except summer), I would come to walk and explore Helliwell, Heron Rocks, Mount Geoffrey, Tribune, Galleon Beach, Strachen Valley, everywhere there was a path, and some places where there weren’t any.  Hornby just kept calling me back… I moved here in 2000, and the rest is now just history!

Steve McGrath_275
Name: Steve McGrath
Show Name:  X Pat Chat: Reviewing articles from American publications from a cultural, political and environmental perspective.
Musical influences: Growing up on National Public Radio gave me an eclectic exposure – nothing is left out.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I spent the summer of ’92 on the Island; that was it!

Lawrence Nyberg
Name: Lawrence Nyberg
Show Name: Mix Tape: Potpourri of Alt rock, Alt country, folk, blues etc.
Musical influences: John Fahey, Bob Moule, Bruce Molsky, Long Winters, Decemberists…
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Initially hired in 1997 as caretaker for several years, then I worked independently building guitars and mandolin family instruments.

Len Olsen
Name: Len Olsen
Show Name: Len’s Country
Musical influences: Mainly Classic Country music. I have listened to Country Music as long as I can remember and played bass and sang in two country bands for 14 years.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I fished out of Bowser in the 60s and 70s and always liked the look of Hornby Island. In 1972 we bought a 2-1/2 acre lot on Anderson Drive for $3,500. Had a small A-Frame on it for years, then in 1990 we started to have a house built. Moved here full time in 2000.

Steve Pacheco
Name: Steve Pacheco
Show Name: Pacheco’s Picks
Musical influences:  Everything from Lawrence Welk to Liberace and Marlyn Manson. Love Country and Western and Polka – a mixed bag of influences.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: My girlfriend and I were hitching hiking around the West Coast, had been to Quadra and decided to check out Hornby – have been here ever since!

radio mike
Name: Pajeka/Paje
Show Name: Rukus Radio: Ragga/Hipop/Rukus/Classic Rock/Dub
Musical influences: Damion Marley, Old Reggae tunes, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bounty Killa, Sizzla, The Roots, Dub fx
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I left Vancouver on a search for real life and a solid pure radical community.  I planned to hop the Gulf Islands for work/trade.  Came to Honrby first, for one night – have not called anywhere else home since!

Peter Panjoyah Cloud
Name: Peter Cloud Panjoyah
Show Names: Pea Reads Potter (Harry Potter Series read in character in faux British accent); Turned On (Features a song I got recently turned on to, or the song that directed me to a particular group); Recorded Live (Recordings of live music from all genres);That 80’s Show (Co-host: 80’s music of all kinds.)
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I met Phoenix Wolf Ray “out in the World” and she brought me back to her old home of Hornby Island – Yay!!

Russ earphones_275
Name: Russel Prediger
Show Name: Rex Mundi
Musical influences: Uncle Aldo and sister Ronny as well as my father Joseph who gave me an appreciation of all things tonal, rhythmic, and harmonic. Little Richard, Otis Redding, and Freddie King as well as Little Walter (from uncle and sister). Jazz, rural blues, some classical to Paganini and Lazlo Felix.(father). Music is never ending. A separate universe, so to speak. I am currently deep into Trombone Shorty.

Grant Scott
Name: Grant Scott
Show Name: Rolling Stone 500 Best Tunes of All Time: The Rolling Stone 500 tunes and interviews of Hornby music lovers
Musical influences: Living through the 60’s with tunes everywhere, going to clubs in Vancouver in the 60’s and early 70s.  I have a general interest in everything.
How I ended up on Hornby Island:  Dad was posted in the RCAF to Comox where I took Grade 13.   I once stood at the end of the Comox dock and looked over at the distant island and thought it looked like Treasure Island or some other magical place.  I came back commercial salmon fishing in 1970 and later with the kids.  We grew to love it and eventually Carol and I figured this is where we want to be and we love it!

Bill Smith
Name: Bill Smith (aka Colston Willmott – author)
Show Names: Some Other Stuff; Music from the Other Side (Jazz, improvised music, contemporary concert music)
Musical influences: Everything interesting I’ve ever experienced over my long life. There are no specific genres.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: In 1969, I came to perform in the Hornby Island Festival with guitarist Arthur Bull and flautist Don Druick. The final concert on the tour was at Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver and at the celebration afterwards, I decided to return to Hornby Island. I now celebrate 25 years as an islander.  

Stani Veselinovic
Name: Stani Veselinovic
Show Name: The Stani Show
Musical influences: Anything and Everything
How I ended up on Hornby Island: It’s my wife’s fault.

Radio Mike
Name: Kurt Wetzel
Show Name: Distracted and Disjointed: This show features blues, Dixieland, classic rock, folk or whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes, I interview iconic, interesting individuals with ties to Hornby.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: Eva, my spouse, and I taught a course at the Co-operative College of Canada in Saskatoon. The HI Co-op manager, Rusty Harrison, was a student. We were lured to Hornby and hooked. We bought property. Twenty-five years later, we became full-time residents.

Bonita Wexler
Name: “Mamacita Bonita” (Bonita Wexler)
Show Name: Hornby Radio Latina Show: Latin music sometimes interspersed with my Jewish roots.
Musical influences: Love of all things Latin, especially the language and music. La Musica Latina esta en mi corazon! (Latin music is in my heart!)
How I ended up on Hornby Island: I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec. the thing to do back then in the early 70’s was to go west. West I went and landed up on Haida Gwaii for many years. Came down to Vancouver to visit friends thinking it might be time to relocate, and met Clair Cronia at a Stein Valley gathering. She asked me if I had ever been to Hornby. No, went, stayed two weeks, went back to Vancouver, packed up what little I had, came to Hornby, and have been here ever since – going on almost 29 years!

Tony Wilson
Name: Tony Wilson
Show Name: Tony Wilson Show

Bee Wolf-Ray
Name: Bee Wolf-Ray
Show Name: Songwriter Circle: all local (Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands) original music, mostly songwriter-style but lots of variety. Off the Cuff (sometimes solo, sometimes co-hosted), call-in talk radio with a bit of music. Female voices on Pea Reads Potter.
Musical influences: Growing up without electricity but with lots of live music in the room. As a songwriter, I prefer music that has something to say, that adds to the collective conversation in a melodic and rhythmically satisfying way.
How I ended up on Hornby Island: through a zigzag series of synchronicities, culminating in being served at the Hornby Island Co-op by somebody I went to school with. It has been home, off and on, for twenty five years.

Charlie Wood
Name: Charlie Wood
Show Name: Hornby Afro Beat