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Radio broadcasting on the frequency modulating dial has made it to Hornby Island, again… This time CHFR Hornby Radio has been granted a “Community Access” license in its developmental phase and they have the privilege of transmitting on 96.5 mhz on your dial. It’s been a long haul over the last decade to get to this point, with many dedicated volunteers working diligently to bring radio to Hornby.

Currently CHFR is 100% volunteer run and operated. The Hornby Community Radio Society has an active board of directors and a large number of volunteers and is developing an organizational structure to provide Hornby Island with a diverse selection of programming. CHFR operates on a daily basis, 16 hours a day, and seven days a week. In a normal broadcasting week CHFR provides diverse programming that includes Hornby’s many characters and regular community events and institutions. It is a requirement of a developmental license to program 25% of content to be community news, announcements and commentary as well as spoken word (poetry and such like things). The balance of the 75% of airtime is music of which at least 30% should be of Canadian content. There is a full spectrum of musical tastes that Hornbyites bring to the airwaves – from classical and jazz to classic rock, dub reggae and Latin beats. CHFR is proud to be as diverse as our wonderful community.

Many people are involved in the “Radio Station”. Seven Board Members form the structure of Hornby Community Radio Society and the roster of DJ’s including 40 to 50 Hornbyites. There is even one show rebroadcast from Winnipeg, where one of the DJ’s works in the winter. Most of the equipment and energy put into the broadcast building has been donated, and currently all operating funds for CHFR are raised from $15 memberships in the radio society, fundraisers and donations.

There are many challenges to face as the studio is improved and maintained. The broadcast studio is located at Joe King Ballpark and you can always stop by and say hi.

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